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What Is a Quick Cash Loan?

A Quick Cash Loan gives you the freedom to cover urgent expenses now and pay back the money when you’ve got the funds to do so. Urgent expenses are called “urgent” for a reason – they usually cannot wait several days for you to pay them. Whether you have emergency medical bills or a looming due date on a power bill, same day quick cash loans can help by giving you instant access to extra cash.

At Cigno, we can connect you with a partner who may have a quick cash loan financial solution fast. These quick and easy loans can get you the money you need in under 24 hours, if you apply within business hours.

Why I Might Need a Quick Cash Loan Online


From overdue invoices to emergency medical bills, there are countless circumstances that may leave you needing money outside of your day-to-day budget. Expenses like these often need to be covered quickly, which is why a same day cash loan can be useful when you do not have time to go through a long application and waiting period.

Quick Loans for Bad Credit

If you have established a long and reliable credit history, you probably will not have a problem getting same day and quick cash loans. However, if you have a poor credit rating or do not have an existing line of credit, then you may struggle to be accepted for a loan. If this sounds like you, you need a same day loan with no credit check. Lenders who offer these types of loans do not require a credit history check as part of their assessment criteria – instead, they look at other things, such as your income. Therefore, a poor credit rating will not affect your likelihood of getting approved.

Quick Cash Loans for Centrelink Customers

It can be particularly challenging to access fast cash loans for Centrelink customers. Many banks will not recognise your payments as income and reject your application without second thought. At Cigno, we can connect you with a partner who may be able to assist you with a financial solution even if you are a customer on Centrelink.

Quick Loans with No Credit Check

At Cigno, we believe everybody should have access to quick cash loans regardless of their credit history. Maybe you have poor credit but are learning to be much better when it comes to money and are working to recover your credit history. That is why we will strive to connect you with a partner who can provide you with a loan with no credit check.

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