Loans for Pensioners

Pensioner Friendly Loans

Have you got unexpected medical costs or are your latest bills higher than you anticipated? Do you need to move house, buy a car, or make another significant purchase? A pensioner loan could be the answer to your financial situation.

Through our network, we are able to find suitable finance solutions for Centrelink pensioners…

Cigno believes everyone should have access to assistance, regardless of age or circumstance

Types of Pension

To be eligible for the aged pension, you need to be 66+, an Australia resident (for at least 10 years), and meet the income/asset tests.

Centrelink provides a range of welfare payments for retirees, unemployed people, people with disabilities, and more.

This financial aid is for people who cannot work due to permanent physical, psychiatric or intellectual conditions. You must meet certain medical and non-medical criteria to be eligible for DSP.

Why Choose Cigno?

We use our vast experience in the finance industry to find a solution for everyone, No matter what circumstances we will do our best to help.

Cigno maintains a 24/7 online platform so we can help you find a solution that suits your needs anytime!

Our quick and easy process makes it easy to sort your finances with a solution to suit your situation and get back on with your life.

Loans for Centrelink Pensioners

Some financial institutions do not consider Centrelink payments as a source of income and won’t consider your application. If you are on a pension, it can be frustrating to find a lender who will help. This is why loans for Centrelink pensioners can sometimes be frustrating to find. We use our vast experience in the finance industry to find a solution for everyone, including Centrelink pensioner loans.

Loans for Pensioners with Bad Credit

If you receive a Centrelink pension and already have a poor credit score, you may have experienced judgment and rejection from banks when applying for a loan. At Cigno, we believe that everyone should have access to a financial solution regardless of past credit history. Click the button below to see if we can find a suitable pensioner with bad credit loan solution.

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