Loans for Low Income

Payday Not Covering The Bills?

Whether you are a student, working part time or on Centrelink, if you find yourself short on cash and in need of a quick cash loan, Cigno can find a suitable solution.

We employ a simple 3 step process to find a cash solution for you when you need it most.

Types of Loans for Low Income Earners

At Cigno, we act as your agent to assist you in applying for a low income loan for your specific situation. There are a variety of reasons for low income earners to apply for a quick cash loan, whether you’re receiving regular Centrelink payments or a struggling student, we will help you to find a short-term solution.

Loan for Students

Loans for students are available to Australian citizens and permanent humanitarian Visa holders to help you out with tuition fees, student services, amenities fees, overseas study expenses, stationery and textbooks.

Centrelink Loans

If you need a little support between your Centrelink payments, a small cash loan may be able to help.

Small Personal Loans

From single-income households to emerging entrepreneurs, a little extra cash from a Small Personal Loan can be the steppingstone towards a brighter financial future, rather than waiting for a bank.

Loans for Pensioners

Some financial institutions make it difficult to apply for loan if you are on a pension, it can be frustrating to find a lender who is willing to help, but with Cigno we can help find a solution for you.

Bad Credit Loans

We believe that everyone should have access to a financial solution regardless of past credit history.

See if Cigno can Help Find You a Pensioner Loan Solution Today.

Why Should I Apply For A Loan with Cigno

High Approval Rate

We use our vast experience in the finance industry to find a solution for everyone, No matter what circumstances we will do our best to help.

Fast Process

Our quick and easy process makes it easy to sort your finances with a solution to suit your situation and get back on with your life.

24/7 Online Platform

Cigno maintains a 24/7 online platform so we can help you find a solution that suits your needs anytime!


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